How to Clean and Sterilize Vacuum Emulsifier Mixers Effectively

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  • 2024-06-04
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In the food and pharmaceutical industries, vacuum emulsifying mixers are essential equipment. They are used to produce homogeneous and stable dispersions that contain two or more incompatible liquids. To ensure safe and efficient operation, regular cleaning and disinfection of the vacuum emulsion mixer is essential.

Etapes de nettoyage:

1. Drain mixer and remove components: Drain all products from mixer and remove all removable components such as impeller, agitator and seals.

2. Pre-rinse parts: Use hot water to pre-rinse all parts to remove excess product residue.

3. Use cleaner solution: Prepare a solution made of food grade cleaner and water and soak the parts for 30-60 minutes.

4. Brush all surfaces: Use a soft brush to carefully brush the internal and external surfaces of the parts, paying special attention to gaps and corners.

5. Rinse and dry parts: Rinse all parts thoroughly and dry them using a lint-free cloth or air dryer.

Étapes de désinfection:

1. Choose a disinfectant: Choose a food grade disinfectant, such as sodium hypochlorite solution or hydrogen peroxide solution.

2. Soak the part: Soak the part in the disinfectant solution and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Rinse and dry parts: After soaking, rinse all parts thoroughly and dry them using a lint-free cloth or air dryer.

Meilleur entrainement:

Regular cleaning: Regular cleaning and disinfection of vacuum emulsion mixers is essential to maintain their hygienic and efficient operation. The recommended cleaning frequency depends on the frequency of use and the type of product handled.

Use high quality cleaners: Use food grade cleaners to avoid damage to equipment or products.

Thorough rinse: Rinse all components thoroughly to remove any residual cleaning agent or disinfectant.

Record cleaning and disinfection: Record when to clean and sterilize the vacuum emulsion mixer date, time and personnel.

By following these cleaning and disinfection steps, you can ensure that the vacuum emulsion mixer is always in a clean and sterile state to operate safely and effectively. This will extend the service life of the equipment and prevent product contamination.

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